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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Getting settled and getting over a cold!

I had no idea it would be so long between posts. You know in my mind, we would get to the campground, level the trailer, get our schedule, get in a day of training, and things would be normal in just three maybe four days...but not one to do things in a conventional manner, we also decided to catch the mother lode of all colds once we got to the campground. 

So not only did I not get training, or a schedule in place for the first week, I was too sick to show up. And, as is usually the case, once I was on the mend, it turned to my hubby and said, "you're mine!". I don't think I have been this sick with a cold in over six years, and honestly I could do without one for another 66 years! I am about 60% myself, the husband about 45%. The saving grace, is that we did not pass it on to the grandson.

We have been working our scheduled shifts this week, and getting into a routine of work chores, home chores, and off time events and relaxation. But to be honest, this is all still quite new. It seems it does not matter how many parks you visit, they are all just a little bit different and the same is true with volunteering as well. For me, a desert offers more sun, but a forest offers more serenity. But I am proud to say, we are among a nice group of volunteers and park staff. Many of the volunteer couples are returnees for many years now. 

Having been so ill, we have been blessed to have dinner with the kids each night when able, saving me the task of cooking. But honestly I realized that not cooking really left me feeling a bit empty. Because cooking is in my blood! Cooking is where I get so many good feelings as I create nutritious food for my family to enjoy. The sooner I can get back to cooking, the better...what I did think I would share today is a couple of tips we have put into place when Camp Hosting. 

Most Camp Hosting positions give the volunteers a Full Hook Up site, to live in for their stay. including water, sewer and electricity. With the price of electricity included in trade for the weekly hours worked, we use as many electric appliances as needed for comfort and convenience. For example...

Through the years I have been collecting appliances for the trailer, when I see one at a good price. Because it is cheaper for me as a Camp Host to use an electric heater in the mornings over the propane furnace that came with the trailer to add a touch of warmth. Or an Air Fryer over the propane oven or stove top being turned on. 

Plus using electrical appliances eliminates the pilot light burning in the oven. Here in the desert that can be quite helpful to keep the air conditioner from overworking. Ironically while it gets quite cold at night, it is also quite hot during the day! But a burning pilot light does add to the heat of the day. However, I must say that I love it when November comes around, it is not as warm during the day and I can resume baking!

For our current stay at Lost Dutchman, I picked up a mini waffle maker. We have been having fun making many different foods in it! You may have noticed the waffled biscuit on this delicious Chicken Strawberry and Feta salad. And my daughter makes up cookie dough, rolls it in balls and then bakes it in the mini waffle maker. I have not been served one yet, but I have been told that chocolate chip cookies waffle nicely and our new favorite bread to eat along with chili is cornbread baked into mini waffles. Will it waffle? has made for some fun in the kitchen, so stay tuned! 

And lastly, if you have the desire to refit a trailer for your own personal comfort over the factory furniture that came with it, you might find an idea or two here



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  1. I was wondering where you were (as far as not seeing any posts)- Your lifestyle is very adventurous and I enjoy hearing about it. Hope you are feeling better!

    1. Judee, thanks so for stopping by, I sure appreciate it! We are getting better and cooking will once again be on the menu!


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