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Hello and Welcome to 
Scratch Made Food! & DIY Homemade Household. 

At Scratch Made Food! & DIY Homemade Household every recipe, kitchen tip, and other possible magic is presented just for you. Because without you, this collection of shared recipes, tips, and the occasional funny story of a kitchen disaster in the making would be nothing more than notes on a yellowing pad of paper, in a drawer somewhere...

Welcome to Scratch Made Food!

In life we all get hungry. And the truth is, we are all busy, with jobs, families, friends, sports, and hopefully a bit of time off for fun and relaxation. With that in mind, we will be offering recipes that not only fit your busy schedule but keep you supplied with delicious food to enjoy.  Healthy food, food you will want to eat. 

Recipes with easy-to-manage preparation times. Made from whole foods, and made from scratch. Food that actually tastes good, and is good for you. Along with recipes that can be made and enjoyed when you have a helper in the kitchen, whether that helper is experienced or just starting out. Many are perfect recipes to use when teaching your little ones how to cook. 

Recipes that you will want to make again...

We are a Mother-Daughter team headquartered in the state of Montana Wyoming in the Big Horn Basin East Texas. We are a bread baking, jam making, garden growing, RV Traveling family. We often menu plan for dinner time convenience when sharing meals, have a spot for long-term storage of food stocks, and like so many of you, we have hungry husbands to feed! Our family descriptions might not match, but there are no doubt a couple areas where we do! 

Just like you, we are hungry and we are busy! I think we are definitely going to be friends! And you know what they say, friends don't let friends eat boring food...

Personal food philosophies are the driving force behind what we buy at the grocery store and what goes onto our tables, at mealtime. You will never read about our way of doing things as being the only way, because the truth is, they're not! My way in the kitchen is for me, and your way is for you. Both are right! You may not want to bake your own bread, and that's OK. But if you do and have a question regarding bread baking, just bring it up and drop us an email!  

We prefer delicious, easy-to-prepare scratch-made food with little or no kitchen waste. You will only be offered our best-tasting recipes, perfected for ease of preparation, to share on your own table.

Whole food with delicious results, Scratch Made Food!

In the kitchen, we grind wheat into flour, for baking and cooking with whole grains. At our table, for mealtime, we eat a variety of meat, fish, and dairy. And the truth is, we need to eat more vegetables than we actually do. And yes, we also get sick of cooking! And sometimes we do eat out because honestly, cooking just one more meal just might send us over the edge! 

But when dinner is served, we dish up, talk to one another, and solve the world's problems. Then it is time to wash some dishes. For our family, it is a routine looked forward to, a quiet moment in a busy day of work, commuting, child caring and real life. 

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Thank you for stopping by! And let the cooking continue.

A couple of updates to add: 

Here is a bit of info from my time as a Seasonal Food Preservation Specialist at ABC Acres an organic farmstead near my home. Little did I know when I took the job how much more (so much more!) I would learn about canning and being organized in that task. The work of producing small-batch specialty foods is the perfect job for anyone interested in upgrading their own skills as a home canner. Plus I learned to have two or more canners at a time on that big gas stove, and after a while, it felt like I had canned like that my whole life. 

In addition, little did I know that ABC Acres had partnered with the Yellowstone television show to produce a specialty hot sauce. While I did not get to meet Mr. Costner I was able to be a part of this fun project, and enjoyed meeting some of the production crew! Yes, that is me, making RIP'S Huckleberry Heat...

Making RIPS Huckleberry Heat, at ABC Acres!

You may view the original Facebook post at ABC Acres, here. And with any and all crops, there is an end to the harvest. As December 2020 comes to a close, so does canning the harvest at ABC Acres...#yellowstonetvshow

And then, fast forward about one year!

We have a new grandson!

On May 30, 2021, this beautiful baby came home after three days of labor and finally, a surgical delivery to keep him and his mama safe. He is a true joy to behold. And such a joy to cuddle and love! And with this addition to our family, the journey will never be the same!

Thanks so much for letting me share these fun memories with you!

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