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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Encouraging Hearts and Home 09.24.2020

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Hello and Welcome!

We have been busy with the installation of our woodstove for winter use, and have hit a bit of a snag, the pipe! With delayed shipments going to stores, sometimes what you need, simply is not available. We have now moved on to plan B, ordering it online and hoping it is shipped out as promised! 

Next weekend will be our last at camp, and while I will miss the serenity of the forest, there are so many chores waiting for us right here at home, it will be a pleasure to get to them. 

At work, I have been canning applesauce (so far 75 quarts) and making Peach and Lime jam (24 6oz jars). Tomorrow will see me making a Pear Caramel Sauce to can and a few trays of Peach Fruit Leather to use up the last of the peaches. 

And wouldn't you know it, as soon as is possible, I need to get started canning for my own pantry...and with that, how has your week gone? Getting to the end of season chores that seem to be waiting for us all? 
Thursday, September 17, 2020

Encouraging Hearts and Home 09.17.2020

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Hello and Welcome!

We have been busy around these parts! My husband has also been working hard to get the wood stove installed before winter arrives...

The heat shield is made of Hardy Board covered with corrugated tin. The platform base is set to be covered with a layer of Hardy Board, then a layer of tin. From there the stove may be set in place. Once the stove has been placed, the piping can be installed. We also have 2 cords of wood coming, there simply was not enough time to cut, split, and stack wood.....
Thursday, September 10, 2020

Encouraging Hearts and Home 09.10.2020

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Hello and Welcome!

As it turns out, we will have a very busy few months ahead of us! We have been asked and have agreed to continue hosting at the campground weekends only for the month of September. We also have to get our little wood stove that has been purchased, cleaned up, and installed! Plus take delivery of two cords of wood, and get it stacked and covered...And with the added expenses to get this final project completed we have taken on temporary jobs for the next few months. 

That is our strategy, to work additional job(s) in lieu of payments for needed items. We were very lucky, each of us found a job on the same day. Plus our new employers were understanding of our weekend schedule for the month of September. When September closes, there will be fruit on our trees that will need to be processed and a few gardening and yard chores to get done, like I said a busy few months for us...

How about you, how do you handle the need for extra funds in your household? 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Encouraging Hearts and Home 09.03.2020

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 Hello and Welcome!

And just like that, August is gone! We are back home from camping and getting ready for the cooler weather ahead. Today we picked up a wood stove to install in our little apartment so we will be warm and cozy this winter. Our first winter in Montana was a bit chilly as we did not have time to get a stove installed before the cold weather came to visit and stayed! 

We are also busy stocking the root cellar with basics we like to keep in bulk and taking stock of the jam left from last year while making plans for preserving the fruit in our little orchard that will be ready to harvest soon. 

Summer jewels, homemade jam and jelly!

This year we have pears on the pear tree. Not a bumper crop but I am hoping to make a batch of my favorite Pear Butter. We will have lots of Italian Plums to get picked, dried, canned, and made into jam. Plus there will be apples to make into applesauce.  

Also this fall we hope to get the gardens set up so we are ready for planting come spring. What are your fall/winter plans? 

Blackberry Cranberry Red Grapefruit Jam.

Do you have jam and jelly favorites you make each year to enjoy and gift to family and friends?