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Pasta Fagioli

Pasta Fagioli is the dish to serve when you have lots of hungry people around your table! A long-standing family favorite that is hearty enough to leave everyone satisfied and this recipe only calls for one pound of meat!

Yes, this makes a lot! You can easily serve eight hungry people and have leftovers. The other good news is, Pasta Fagioli freezes well and is the perfect meal to have on standby in the freezer. The preparation is simple, dice some veggies, saute for a moment, then add the beef. Cook until the beef is browned, add the rest of the ingredients, and soon you will have Pasta Fagioli on its way! 

While it simmers you get to relax or if you have friends and family there, a good visit is always in order! Of course, if you are like so many others, a hands-off recipe like this one for Pasta Fagioli can also be the best time to get caught up with other chores. Then before you know it, dinner is done, and so are the chores! Either way, I hope you make this, it is delicious...

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