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Friday, April 7, 2023

Failed Peanut Butter Fudge and other tales of life!

Failed recipes are a part of every kitchen, and this one is no different! A little story about Failed Peanut Butter Fudge, and other tales of life...

Today is April the 7th, my older sister's birthday. I hope she is celebrating and has a happy smile on her face, back in Washington state. We are currently in Texas. And have been traveling since early September 2022. "We" should be clarified, by we I am referring to myself, my husband and my daughter's family, including her husband and young son. Two families, two RV homes traveling and living side by side. We started out in Arizona with a month of volunteering with the state parks system and from there have enjoyed learning about Arizona, and seeing as many sights as possible, before moving on. 

But it hasn't been smooth sailing all along the way. There have been bumps in the road that you will not find on any travel planning list, thankfully and it seems we have had just a few more than our share. But I learned a long time ago, that what doesn't kill us, will serve to grow us stronger. But I must confess, I wish God did not trust me so much...because these shoulders would rather carry the weight of my grandbaby than anything else. But like everyone else in this world, carry they have...

But I have gotten ahead of myself, you see for a hobby that I can do just about anywhere, I blog. And to keep me eating healthy I am a food blogger. Although we have a small RV, it has a full kitchen. Our eating habits and meals are not much different whether at home or on the road. And while I am not the best cook in the land, not a bad cook either, if I do say so myself. 

This morning I made a pan of peanut butter fudge intending to share it here as my Friday recipe. High sugar foods are not found here on the blog in great numbers, and a pan of homemade candy is looked forward to around these parts! And while this pan of fudge tastes great, the texture is wrong. It is dry with a grainy texture and don't laugh, but too sweet, even for candy! And I realized immediately that some things simply go the way they go, no matter how hard you work! And in the end, it is OK...

I came to this realization quickly because there has been a lot of training in understanding this since September! Along the way my new e-bike was stolen, our home back in Wyoming flooded and was heavily damaged from frozen and thawed water pipes on Christmas day, a blown tire on our little RV along a busy highway with no safe place to pull over, and finally supply chain issues for the needed building materials to get our home repaired so we can go home! 

But even with all this, we are OK. We are healthy, happy and together. But better than all that, we still enjoy the company of the other and I have had the supreme pleasure of being a part of this life with those I care so much about, all around me! It may seem like a looonnng stretch to compare a pan of failed fudge to a happy philosophy on life, but in reality, it is not. 

While the fudge isn't perfect, it is still sweet and edible. I doubt any of it will actually go to waste, even if all I do with it is stir chunks of it into brownies! You see, along the way it will be enjoyed for the down home treat it is. Much like our simple and happy life, no matter what, we will get through it. And that is my wish for all, may you too be surrounded by those you love as you navigate this life! Failed peanut butter fudge or not! 

Thank you for your visits to Scratch Made Food! & DIY Homemade Household while we have been away from home and living on the road, and for indulging me in story hour today over any recipe that I could have come up with instead of the dreaded Easiest PB Fudge Ever! (that I am not sharing!)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. My goodness, y'all certainly have had some misfortunes along your journey. It's nice that you're able to share your trip with family to make up for the bumps in the road. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty!

    1. Hi Allyson, we have been tested! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!

  2. I hope everything is going well for you now. Yes fudge can become very grainy, and yes we all have failures in the kitchen. And we move on ... Happy easter.

    1. Sherry, Happy Easter to you and yours! We are doing well in spite of being tested! Thanks for stopping my, I appreciate it.

  3. Not everything works out first time. I admire people who share the fails as well as the successes! I'm sure you'll find a way to make it work. I always use "Jane's Patisserie" fudge recipes and have had some success with them although I'm not sure if she has a peanut butter one. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! Life happens and going with the flow and not letting it stop you, IS a success. Have a great week ahead, and thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

  4. Oh my Melynda, sounds like you've been on a rollercoaster ride. I pray things come together for your home repairs soon.
    Visiting today from Grace At Home #116&117

    1. Paula, thank you so much. It has been a journey, and when we begin our next travel it will to return to WY and get our homes back in order. I appreciate your taking the time to stop and say hello, it always makes my day.


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