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Sunday, February 11, 2024

DIY Homemade Household - No More Fallen Tissues!

We use a lot of facial tissues in this house! I usually purchase the multi pack of deep boxed, pop up style tissues. I have to be honest with you, it is hard for me not to call these facial tissues by the name I grew up calling them, they will forevermore be a "kleenex" to me! But when they fall into the box, they are a problem. But I have a hack for that...come and take a look!

From the DIY Homemade Household side of the blog! This is my simple hack to remedy those fallen tissues! 

This hack is easy to do, and the remaining tissues will pop-up until gone! All you need are a couple of household items you probably already have, and an empty cardboard box that you no longer need. 

Supplies needed for this project:
  • small empty box
  • scissors
  • tape
Now we are ready to get started!

When the box of tissues looks like this, don't throw them out, this simple household hack will take care of it, and the tissues will once again pop up! 

Find a small box that will fit into the tissue box, this one worked for me.

Once you have found the box you want to use, flatten it. 

Then cut the flattened box in have crosswise. 

Reassemble the two halves of the box. 

Using scissors, cut slits into each side of each box half. 

Fit the cut box pieces back together (the slits will help ease the two halves back together) to form a smaller box that will fit into the tissue box. 

Open the end of the tissue box. Slip the reassembled box under the tissues. The tissues are now elevated and can be pulled out one at a time, as needed. Use tape to close the end of the tissue box. 

Fixed! When the last of the tissues are used, I open the empty tissue box and save the smaller box inside, to use with the next box of tissues. Because it will happen again!




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  3. What a great idea! I'm going to have to try this.
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