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Monday, July 12, 2021

Three Household Tips to Make Life Easier, more Comfortable and Organized.

Another reuse, recycle or repurpose post! Today we are using shower curtain rings, an ear of corn holder, and pillowcases in new ways, for today's featured ideas...From the DIY Homemade Household side of the blog!

We are currently in a heatwave here in Montana! 

Like most of the country at this time, cooking is very relaxed with us eating a cold sandwich for dinner some evenings. 

And as luck would have it, we are also in "fire season" with small (but growing) wildfires as well as lots of smoke getting caught up around our mountain ranges from the bordering states, also in fire season. 

Sunday we took a drive to Anaconda, on the way home we came back a different way, that small part of the highway that dips into Idaho. It seemed very smoky and as we turned a corner, we saw the ribbon of fire working its way through the landscape of dry trees, right there not ten feet from the highway! 

This photo was taken this morning, usually, you can see the beautiful Bitterroot Mountains, but not so much, today...

With no "so delicious, this recipe will knock your socks off" recipe, to share, I thought I would share three of the simplest reuse, recycle, or repurpose hacks ever! The best part? 

These hacks will not require you to purchase anything expensive or rearrange the house or even a closet or cupboard to make them work...

What tools might you need for these three hacks? Only some shower curtain rings one corn holder, and pillowcases. Let's get started...

Hack #1. I double hang my clothes to save closet space. 

We have a rather small closet in our little apartment (as well as in the 5thwheel when we travel) but I still like a big variety of blouses and tops to choose from, and with this trick, it is easy to keep them right here in the closet ready t go. I find this especially helpful for those tops that I love but don't wear all the time. 

Item needed: shower curtain rings. I like the type of shower curtain ring that "pops" together at the opening. They make it easy to use and I know the circle is closed/secure for hanging up those favorite tops. 

I do use the thicker plastic hangers available, and for a good reason. 

I have found through the years thinner plastic hangers not only sag from the weight of clothes but can be shoved together so tightly that they contribute to wrinkling in the closet. The thicker frame size of these plastic hangers guarantees that the clothes have adequate spacing to avoid unnecessary wrinkles. 

Hack #2. A cheese handle!

When setting out a tray of cheese and crackers as an appetizer before dinner, I often find myself in a little dilemma. How much cheese needs to be sliced? I certainly don't want to appear so frugal as to limit how much can be enjoyed, but also I don't want to cut more cheese than will be enjoyed. 

The answer? A cheese handle. I think the most uncomfortable thing (for a guest especially) is to touch food in ways that might offend, such as holding onto a piece of cheese to cut a slice. So the next time you want to set out a tray of cheese and crackers, use one handle/holder for an ear of corn as a little cheese handle. It works great!

The only cheese that gets handled is the piece you are cutting for yourself!

Hack #3. A fresher pillow until laundry day. 

Truth be told, this last one should really be title "rethink", be it has to do with rethinking our habits, for a more comfortable outcome. We like everyone else have a schedule for swapping out the sheets on our bed. Usually, it is weekly. 

My husband is a clean, neat guy, showering sometimes up to 3 times a day in the summertime. But honestly, his pillowcase wasn't clean enough to make it a week. 
To be honest I was only trying to save a sheet change every three days when I came up with this idea. And it really is so simple, now I double-case his pillow. 

About halfway through the week, I pull off the outside pillowcase and reveal another clean one for the rest of the week. Like I said, simple, so simple in fact, it is almost too simple to share...but here it is. 


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