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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The Sea Serpent, at Galleta Meadows Estate Borrego Springs CA

In our travels this 2022/2023 season: We have been wanting to visit the incredible metal sculptures in the Borrego Springs area, for some time now. As it turned out we were unprepared for seeing them all on our short journey for the day. This incredible display takes a couple of days and is worth going back to do a bit of camping to see more of this art experience! Come and take a look...

This magical Sea Serpent stretches across one of the main road used to travel into the Estate. There are smaller roads surrounding the different sculptures that will allow for driving around the Estate and to the exhibits. This would be a wonderful day or two of bike riding to see these sculptures and get a workout! Currently the road to drive up to the Sea Serpent has been closed. But not to worry, this sculpture is so large is actually crossed the main road, and there is plenty of pull-off parking.

To put the enormity of this project in perspective, all of the scales on the serpent are individual circles of metal sculpted onto the body of the serpent...

This close up of a very small part of the sculpture shows just how much work (don't forget love and skill, always present in an artist) went into not only this piece but every sculpture in the Estate. 

Taken from the side of the road, to show how large this is! This is the head side of the serpent, the tail side is across the road!

And a little preview of the rest of the sculptures, this is the wing of a giant Grasshopper sculpture, in a stand-off with a giant Scorpion sculpture. Each sculpture has incredible detail and each is a must see...I hope you go and enjoy this wonderful gift of art and generosity.

Thank you for visiting, and while travel posts are not our usual topic, this time to be amazed and in awe of this wonderful place had to be shared!



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  1. It's Judee from Gluten Free A-Z blog. . Thanks for sharing this amazing looking sculpture . So interesting

    1. It is an amazing adventure! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!

  2. that is one incredible and huge sculpture. Love it!

  3. This sculpture looks amazing. Thanks for sharing all these photos and details.

    1. Amila, you are very welcome. We can't wait to go back and spend more time there.


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