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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Thursday's Return to Blogging , and Home in Texas!

Hello Dear Reader, 

EDIT:  my apologies, when I wrote this late Wednesday evening, I (apparently) had no idea how tired I was, until I read it the next day...and oh my gosh, it needed some help...

We are finally home here in Texas! The move took five days, driving 1442 miles through four states, from start to finish. 

And it all went pretty well, with only a couple of hiccups along the way. It turned out that one of the 6X12 trailers had a tire that was not balanced. Along the way it shimmied enough to loosen the bolt that held the ball in the hitch. My husband was driving along and boom! the trailer dropped to the ground grinding slowly to a stop. Because we had walkie talkies in each rig, we heard his say "I need some help here!". 

Unable to use the breaks on the truck to stop, his only option was to let the weight of the trailer slow everything down. But what we could do was close the gap between his truck and ours following  close to give him the time needed to coast to a complete stop, without someone rear ending him. We were able to trade out the hitch for another one, as that one was not longer any good. Then as luck would have it, once we got home to Texas we realized that the heavy load my husband was pulling took a toll on our brakes, so the first order of business was to get a brake job on our Chevy truck.  

We are all a bit tired, but we are here, and working hard to get our belongings put away, and (of course!) adjusting to the East Texas heat...the heat is new for some of us, but not all. I spent 20 years in the Yakima Valley and while there is a bit more humidity in the air, the overall weather is quite similar. 

And we have been adopted by this sweet girl, she showed up as we were unloading on Saturday, and has stayed since then. We put a notice on the local chat board asking if she belonged to anyone. It took hardly no time at all before we had a knock on our door. Her owner came right away and told us, she roams and we were welcome to keep her. Funny thing is, we did not put our address in the notice, but this is a small community and pretty much everyone knows what is going on, who is moving in or out. 

I couldn't help myself, even before the notice was posted, I named her Dot, and she started getting dinner and fresh water right away! She really needs a cattle ranch, she chases cars because as a cattle dog she has "work" to do, and there are no cattle on our little 6 acre homestead to keep in line. With no cattle, cars are the next best thing. But the last thing we want is for her to get she will need to be worked with to learn to stop chasing!

We are all sharing tight quarters, there is one home on this land, and for our group we need two homes. Besides the second home we also need to get a play area put together for the grandson, and about 20 other chores, but for now, it is good to be home!  I am fairly sure I will be sharing the changes as they happen, as well as new recipes featuring some of our local produce. This is berry country with large strawberry and blueberry farms around us. 

And that about brings the last week into focus. Thanks for continuing to stop by, and as always, thanks for visiting. Because without all of you, this would not be as much fun! 

If you would like to see how our move started out, you can read all about it here! 



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  1. I wish you all the best. What a family story this will be for generations to come. Over from PS. Enjoy your week.

    1. Nancy, thank you! This was a big change for us all, but one we have wanted (for the homesteading) for a long time.


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