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Saturday, September 2, 2023

In my kitchen, September 2023.

It has been awhile since I wrote a "in my kitchen" post, June of this year actually. And life is very different from three months ago...setting up a second homesite with a tiny house, and getting settled on our land. 

While we got our little house delivered to our property, getting utilities in place has proven to be more of a challenge than we would have ever anticipated! We have made a bit of progress in the last 30 days, in that we found the septic tank by driving over it with the tractor and having the lid/cap break and fall in, we were fortunate however. Really Melynda, fortunate that the tractor drove over the tank and broke the lid? Yes. Because there were no indications of where the tank could be with all the overgrowth in place. This accident actually saved us thousands of dollars in replacement over repairs, which will be done in about two weeks. 

We fixed the water source problem by finding a repairing a leak. Then the water bill came, and woozers, the leak had to have been in place during the previous owners time on the property, and it seems his solution was to simply turn the water service off, in place of finding and fixing the broken up is electricity. A whole new service panel is needed and it should be installed in about a week as well. And with those three taken care of, our little house needs some plumbing and electrical repairs as well. And you guessed it, about two weeks out. 

So you see I really don't have a kitchen, but have been sharing the daughter's kitchen. We cook and share all meals until the tiny house is up and running. Due to so many things needing attention our meals are pretty uneventful, except for Friday nights. When we have dinner and a movie! Last night was Oliver and Company from 1988 along with New York style hotdogs, potato salad and cupcakes with Swiss Buttercream. Since my daughter is a delicious cook, I have been having time off and attending to other chores and playing with the grandson. 

But I have been getting my little house kitchen set up. Getting the kitchen organized and ready to go, was one of the things I wanted to take care of right away. Since our tiny home is also a 38foot 5thwheel, I wont be putting a lot of storage racks on the walls, including knife storage. But I think I found a creative (and frugal) alternative. While out one day, I strolled along the clearance shelves at the local TJ Maxx and found this small beside the sink dish rack. 

Inspiration hit when I noticed this on the clearance shelf!

Yep, only $3.00!

But this dish rack will hold my kitchen knives safely in a drawer. Easy to reach for me, and no need to put a rack into the wall. 

We decided to try making our own yogurt, and last night put together this No Boil Instant Pot Yogurt, recipe to follow if is it is just right! 
Update: this is some great yogurt and the process couldn't be easier!

With the Texas heat, I find myself turning to my Instant Pot and the Crock Pot regularly, so I decided to see how many recipes for pressure cooking and slow cooking I have currently on the blog (no doubt, more will follow) and it turns out there are 21 Instant Pot recipes and 15 Slow Cooker recipes. From main dishes, to vegetables and desserts. Fortunately we are still eating well, since most nights I am hungry, hungry hungry!

And that about sums up In My Kitchen for the month of August 2023, sadly told today! Happy cooking everyone!



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  1. So many challenges, no matter what type of new home you move into! I can’t imagine moving at this point. I hope your utilities will all soon be functioning perfectly.
    best…mae at

  2. Judee from Gluten Free A-Z Blog: What an undertaking but sounds like you are making progress and making the best of it. Good your daughter is nearby ! Good luck

    1. Judee, still a lot to do, but yes, making progress! Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate it.

  3. Finding that septic tank was a good thing! I love that knife rack - so simple and way better than having loose knives in a drawer like we had on our weekend away :)

    1. Tandy, I agree, it will save so much not to have to replace it. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

  4. thanks for joining in this month Melynda. How exciting and expensive and amazing to have a new little house. I love that knife rack! Hope you have a great month.

    1. Sherry, thanks for hosting, I hope to share again next month!

  5. I'm so impressed that you are kitting out a tiny house! I recently moved to a tiny apartment in Paris which to an Australian is the equivalent of an American moving to a tiny house :) First project was to find enough space in the kitchen for all the billions of things that I love having but now space is precious I have to think a lot harder. Good luck with the heat!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! It has been a unique and interesting project what with setting up all utilities and the trailer itself needing more work than was disclosed at purchase. But life goes on, and I can't wait until it is done!

  6. How neat you made homemade yogurt in your insta pot.
    Visiting today from Encouraging Hearts & Home #30&31


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