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Monday, September 4, 2023

How to make No Boil Yogurt in Your Instant Pot!

This No Boil Yogurt made in my Instant Pot could not have been easier! Plus it is one more item we will not have to purchase at the grocery store. And while milk is not cheap, this homemade yogurt cost about half what premade yogurt sells for. 

It was time to use that "yogurt button" on the Instant Pot...

Yogurt goes into the cart pretty much each week. Probably because it can be made into a quick and delicious breakfast with a bit of honey, some fruit and a sprinkling of granola or nuts. And often the exact breakfast, one or more of us will have to begin our day. When we looked into the mostly bare container of yogurt, it seemed like the time was now! We did a google search or two and found a few recipes to research before we gave it a go. This is a proven, often used process. It in fact dominated the research results!

This could not have been easier!

And I have to say, it was complete success from the start. We are a full fat milk family, so I give caution for those wanting to use milk with less that 3.5%. For most recipes swapping out one type of milk for another does not make a difference, but I believe yogurt is a bit different. Especially for this No Boil Yogurt that we will make again and again, since it calls for and is perfect with our full fat milk. 

A small amount of starter is needed! 

You will need a small amount of starter to begin making your own yogurt, so I urge you to get a batch going when the yogurt container in your refrigerator still has about 1/3 cup left in the bottom. Oh, and for those that love Greek style yogurt, we offer straining notes too. Why this process? When you make most of your food from scratch, it only makes sense to use a successful process that is also quite easy. How easy? Come and take a look...

Ingredients needed for this recipe:
  • plain yogurt
  • full fat milk
You will also need:
  • small whisk
  • Instant Pot pressure cooker
  • colander
  • cheese cloth or unbleached basket style coffee filters
  • storage bowl
Now we are ready to begin!

No Boil Yogurt
inspired by countless yogurt makers!

1/3 (more or less) plain yogurt 
1/2 gallon full fat milk

 Place the 1/3 cup of yogurt into the bottom of the Instant Pot cooking pan. 

Add a splash of the milk, and mix until smooth. 

Add the remaining milk. Mix well. 

Remove the sealing gasket from the Instant Pot lid. Set the seal aside, you will not need it for yogurt.

Place the cooking pot into the Instant Pot base, attach the lid in the usual way. However...

You will want to leave the lid on "venting", for the yogurt setting, pressure does not need to build.

The yogurt setting counts up to 8 hours total time. We decided to put the yogurt to set at 10pm and the 8 hours would be reached right about the time coffee is being poured! But feel free to get your yogurt started as desired for your schedule.

When I got up the next morning, there was 8 minutes left of the 8 hour cycle!

When I opened up the Instant Pot I could tell the yogurt was smooth and creamy, a total success for our first time making yogurt.

After the 8 hours cooking/fermentation cycle, the finished yogurt needs to be refrigerated for at least 6 hours. Fortunately longer is fine.

Our family prefers Greek style yogurt. So we strained the yogurt to get it thick and just like the Greek style we usually buy. In past times when I strained yogurt I used unbleached basket style coffee filters to line the colander. However we only had cheesecloth today. Cheesecloth is great, but in my opinion the coffee filters simply peel off when you turn the strained yogurt into a storage bowl. With the cheesecloth you need to spoon the strained yogurt into the storage bowl. It works, just not as convenient. 

Put two layers of cheesecloth over the colander. 

Carefully spoon/pour the finished yogurt into the colander. We let the yogurt drain for 1 1/2 hours. This strained out approximately 1 1/2 cups whey. Then the finished yogurt was spooned into a storage bowl, covered and refrigerated. 

The amount of time for straining the yogurt can be increased or reduced depending upon how thick you prefer your yogurt. 

Yogurt and whey (the whey is delicious to bake with!) for the upcoming week.

One of our favorite way to enjoy yogurt for is with a drizzle of honey, then topped with your favorite seeds and nuts. 

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  1. Judee from Gluten Free A-Z Blog: I love using my Instant Pot in as many ways as possible. I found this post fascinating. I'll bet the yogurt tastes amazing although still a little work but the time you get it to Greek yogurt. How much did you actually end up with?

    1. Judee, We got about 5-6 cups of yogurt after staining. I have plans for the whey, so there is no waste from this process.

  2. Replies
    1. Joanne, it really is, also, this was a new task for me. I was so happy it IS as easy as it looks!

  3. I'm very interested in trying this. We have been eating a lot more Greek yogurt these days and it gets expensive. Pinning so I can give it a try. Thanks, Melynda.

    1. Donna, you are so welcome, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!

  4. This looks amazing! I didn't know you could do this in an instant pot. Thank you for linking up with Tell It To Me Tuesday! I hope to see you back again this week.

    1. Thank you Lyndsey! And thanks for hosting, I appreciate it.


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