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Thursday, March 28, 2024

So where have you been, on vacation? Updated!

Our Saint Patrick's Day started out with a shared dinner of homemade corned beef and assorted side dishes we were all looking forward to, and then the Lightening storm started...

While the first few strikes were bright with a crack to let you know it had touched down, somewhere, there was no reason to be concerned. It seemed just like most of the lightening storms we get here in East Texas. Then BOOM! there was a super bright lightening strike and a very loud crack where it had touched down and as it turned out, fairly close...

Homemade Corned Beef is easy and delicious!

We were immediately without Internet services. And while that does not seem like a serious problem, in today's world of purchasing on line, staying in touch with family and friends and writing a blog, when you live rural, as we do, it is a big deal. For me personally, this blog is a bight spot in my day, that I truly enjoy. Such as the routine of checking in with other bloggers, recipe development, sharing what I have learned to accomplish and learning from others. Gone....

Lots of gardening!

Fortunately my Son-in-Law is a tech master (literally!) and he had the problem diagnosed quickly and then the big wait. For the replacement equipment, that had fried in the storm. For us personally this is the second time we have had a lightening strike leave damage in the wake of the storm, once in the state of Montana and now here in East Texas. 

Countertop table from scrap materials!

Today I am sitting and using the WIFI available at my daughter's house, to get caught up on a little bit of blogging, and take this opportunity to thank you all so much for continuing to visit with no new posts to bring you here! I appreciate it more than you know!

The menfolk got the goat pen built, and now we have goats!

I have been working on a few new recipes to share, a Cocoa Banana Snack Cake with a Graham Cracker Cinnamon Streusel, a classic pairing of Chocolate and Pear Chia Pudding, a liquid Laundry Soap for low water washers, as well as developing different ideas for recipes to make with oat flour. While I love using whole wheat flour, I try to eat oats everyday for breakfast, and baking with oat flour would help keep my breakfasts delicious as well as full of oats!

Some of the other things we have completed and shown in the photos include:
  • Homemade Corned Beef. Which turns out is not only easy but very and delicious. 
  • We have been working on building raised garden beds using the Hugelkultur method. 
  • My husband made a counter top table using scrap materials for my Utility Kitchen. 
  • And we are the proud owners of goats with a homemade pen!
We hope you have had a wonderful week full of St Paddy fun and again, thank you so much for your visits, I appreciate it more than you know!

UPDATE: all our new equipment arrived only to find out, that our Starlink router had also sustained damage. No signal was going anywhere, except into the kids house. Starlink has put a new router into the mail for us. Please stay tuned folks, Scratch Made Food! & DIY Homemade Household will be back as soon as is possible. When I have the opportunity to pack up my laptop and find some WIFI, I will try and reach out to say hello, thank you once again!



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  1. Oh I hear you on not having WIFI and it being a big deal! We have lost power a few times for days or even weeks at a time and I miss that WIFI/blogging/ online convenience so much. Hopefully the replacement part will arrive soon.

    1. Joanne, I am so greatful it is now back on with all the broken components replaced! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. No Wifi is a big deal since we are all so dependent on it!! Good your daughter lives nearby. I look forward to blogging too and checking out other blogger's posts.

    1. Judee, thank you. With shipping times we were down from 3/17 to 4/2. Needless to say, I got a little behind in blogging!


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