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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Simple and delicious meal suggestions for your Easter Celebration!

There is nothing better than a celebration with family, faith, and food! You may have noticed that we don't do much decorating around here, but what we do, do, is prepare a table of healthy food, sit together to eat, and always, always get caught up on the important details in life. Life does not get better than that!

For any celebration meal, it is fun to offer a starter course. The two being offered are very different from each other and yet both are totally delicious and very easy to put together!

Traditional Baked Ham is always enjoyed around our table! Often we will lay sliced pineapple over the ham while it is baking, the roasted pineapple is delicious! In addition to the roasted pineapple slices, I like to make my mom's pineapple raisin sauce. 

Because we enjoy variety on our table,  I often plan on three vegetable side dishes. That way everyone can enjoy their favorite. 

This brings us to dessert! Something chocolate and something carrot!

Add your own beverages of choice and enjoy the day with family and friends! 

Now for my little celebration secret. I cook the same foods as we have eaten many times before, the only difference is in the presentation. And the best part? It works out each and every time. Why? Because who is around the table is as important as what is placed upon the table! 

May you have a blessed Easter Celebration with family and friends!



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  1. I wonder if the pineapple raisin sauce would work with craisins? I may have to try that! Such wonderful ideas for the Easter table! We're making cookies from a recipe from Hildegard de Bingen - more than 700 years old!

    1. Hi Julie, it would have a milder flavor profile, but it sounds good!

  2. Your meals look delicious! We too love ham with pineapple. I also like to add sweet potatoes with brown sugar and pineapple. Now that chocolate cheese cake sounds like something Lia and I should make!

  3. Wishing you and your family a Blessed Easter... and I know now that they will have a most delicious feast waiting for them.. That chocolate cheesecake is definitely yum

    1. Thank you very much. Blessings to you and your family this Easter!

  4. Ham is a favorite at our house, too. Your sweet potatoes and all the other recipes look delicious, as always!

  5. YUM, the green beans and chocolate cheesecake looks good!! Thanks so much for linking up at the Unlimited Link Party 75. Pinned.

  6. That sounds like a yummy Easter dinner!


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