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Monday, November 20, 2023

Cranberry Recipes, celebrate the goodness of cranberries!

Cranberries are the crop I look forward to possibly more than any other! They are beautiful, delicious and offer up all the creative goodness that the season deserves! Come and take a look at some of our favorites..

The following recipes call for both fresh and dried cranberries. 

And they all produce delicious results. You will find recipes ranging from beverages, to condiments. And from salads to desserts! Cranberries add their own delicious taste. Oh, and let's not forget about preserves and sauces....

This homemade Cranberry Liqueur is sensational, but it is a seasonal recipe. Unless you throw a few bags in your freezer. Now is the time to get it processed and into a jar for ageing so you can enjoy it for Christmas and the New Year...yes it is so good, the photo below shows a double batch!

This just might be the perfect winter jam project, because this recipe for Blackberry Cranberry Pink Grapefruit Preserves calls for frozen blackberries, tell me, how convenient is that?

It doesn't bet much easier than this healthy and delicious dessert for Honey Baked Apples and Cranberries. With only 5 ingredients this dessert is not too sweet and has no refined sugar. 

Turkey would not be the same without a bowl of this Cranberry Dried Cherry (and a jigger of gin!) Sauce! But don't save this for Thanksgiving because this is also delicious with a roasted chicken dinner.

This easy and delicious Cranberry Honey Mustard begins with a jar of Dijon mustard, and is something we keep in our fridge the year round. Yes it does go great with a turkey sandwich, but I enjoy it just as much on a ham sandwich. 

Fresh beet salads are quite refreshing, and this Red Beet Salad with Cranberry Maple Vinaigrette is exactly that! It also delicious. Don't pass this salad is different, but in the very best way possible. 

A true pantry dessert, this delicious Pear and Cranberry Crumble calls for canned pears and dried cranberries! You are going to love this one for how good it tastes and how easy it is to make. 

Another dried cranberry recipe, Cranberry Thyme Vinaigrette is perfect over a simple bowl of tossed greens and a crumbling of Feta. Simple is also sumptuous!



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