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Thursday, January 4, 2024

Welcome to Weekend Traffic Jam Reboot! 01.05.2024

Welcome to another great weekend, and what better way to enjoy it in full than with a visit to Weekend Traffic Jam Reboot! What makes this link-up special is that we encourage you to link up not only your current posts and great ideas, but also the great stuff in your archives! 

Yes, that's right, older posts are not only encouraged, but appreciated!

Wait, did I hear that correctly?

Huh?, did you say, older posts are welcome too? Yep, we sure did. Lets give those older (and STILL great!) posts some recognition and respect. Because let's be honest, last month's or even last year's creative work is still great work, simply buried in the we encourage you bring them out and share it right here! 

At each Weekend Traffic Jam Reboot, we look forward to seeing all your great projects, ideas, recipes, and any family friendly blog posts you wish to share.

Weekend Traffic Jam Reboot is currently shared over three FOUR blogs, right here with Melynda@ Scratch Made Food! & DIY Homemade Household along with Marsha@ Marsha in the Middle and Lisa@ Boondock Ramblings and now Sue@ Women Living Well After 50. 

We are continuing to look for for additional Co-Hosts to share in the creativity and fun! If you think this would be a good fit for you and you like having fun while being creative, drop one of us an email and someone will get back with you!

I invite you to follow our hosts on their individual blogs or any of the social media pages you visit, to keep up to date with everything happening!

What's up next, on our property? Because are you ever really done?...

We took a day and replanted this straggly rose! It was over by the kid's house, completely in the way while walking to their front door. But I did not have the heart to just let it go die, largely because it had survived on the property for three years with no care! Now if that is not a reason to spend time creating a flower garden I don't know what is! 

Yes there is a lot more building to do, and yes, there are animal pens to get ready, and things to paint and, and, and. But somewhere along this journey of creating our own little homestead, flowers need to come into the house from time to time! 

Once the deck to the Tiny House is done, these 6 rose bushes will go into the ground, but until then they will grace the front yard, and when they bloom be brought in to brighten the table. 

If you would like to know why we are building a tiny house homesite here in East Texas, you can read about it here...

In case you missed them, here are two of our favorite recipes that we enjoy  from Scratch Made Food & DIY Homemade Household

And now, let's take a look at the most viewed post, along with posts that caught my eye, from last week's Weekend Traffic Jam Reboot!

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And now on to the Link-up! THANKS to all that share and visit, Weekend Traffic Jam Reboot wouldn't work without you! 

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  1. Melynda,
    Happy New Year!!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this charming party!!! I truly do appreciate it as I do know the time involved with it....I hope you and your family are well!!

    1. Deb, thank you. And thanks for sharing with us each week!

  2. Happy New Year, Melynda and it is lovely to connect with you as a co-host of Weekend Traffic Jame Reboot. I occasionally watch a TV show which show people building tiny homes and they are certainly becoming popular. I will check out your posts on why you are building one. Have a great week! Sue x

    1. Sue, it is wonderful having you be part of the team! We found that we had learned very well to live in a small RV while National Park Service volunteers. Much of the food eaten and posted right here on Scratch Made Food! was developed, cooked and enjoyed while volunteers. When we made the decision to move to Tx, it seemed like the right time to "small down" and we decided on a 40ft RV. We are building a life around that, as we share this property with our kids and grandson. Goats, chickens, a tractor and family.


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