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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

One Bowl Banana Snack Cake

Who needs an easy to make, One Bowl Banana Snack Cake that uses up the last two soft speckled sweet bananas in the fruit bowl, that no one wants to eat? The answer is, we all do! 

Bananas are a bit like avocados, they can go from that perfect sweet treat you looked forward to enjoying, to brown, spotty, and too soft, in a day. To be honest I have had more than enough bananas get tossed into the freezer for baking, due to over-ripening. 

Don't misunderstand, they are still good and healthy food, just too soft for fresh eating. But they always bake up into a great One Bowl Banana Snack Cake...we love this simple, whole wheat snack cake, and I think you will too!

One Bowl Banana Snack Cake

One trick we have learned about bananas is to separate the bananas from each other at the stem. They seem to ripen slower as individual bananas than they do as an attached group.  I had tried wrapping the stem in plastic wrap, but for us, that did not make much difference. We also store the separated bananas in their own bowl, and not with other fruits and vegetables on the counter. We now have a lot fewer bananas find their way into the freezer for baking with, later. 

But let's talk about this One Bowl Banana Snack Cake. I am presenting it, as is straight from recipe development to you. And it is so good! But do feel free to sprinkle chopped nuts or chocolate chips over the top of the batter before baking for a different flavor combination to enjoy, from time to time! 

This little cake is the perfect snack for everyone. It goes great with a glass of milk or a hot cup of coffee or tea. Sometimes we need a little something to carry us over to dinner, this cake square is just the ticket! 

Ingredients needed for this recipe:
  • bananas
  • sugar 
  • oil
  • egg
  • Whole Wheat Self-Rising Flour, our recipe found here
You will also need the following:
  • 9-inch pan
  • medium mixing bowl
  • fork
  • mixing spoon 
Now we are ready to begin!

One Bowl Banana Snack Cake
by the seat of my pants!
350-degree oven

2 bananas, peeled

3/4 c sugar
1/4 c oil
1 egg

1 1/2 c Whole Wheat Self-Rising Flour, recipe found here

Place bananas in the bottom of a medium mixing bowl, mash well, add sugar, oil, and the egg. Whip together until the mixture has no streaks of separate ingredients and looks uniform in color. 

Mix in the Whole Wheat Self-Rising Flour, once mixed in, continue to mix for 25 strokes.

Scrape the batter into a prepared 9-inch square baking pan, bake 22 to 25 minutes, or until the cake tests "done" in your oven. Let cool, cut into squares to serve.

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