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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

From Photographs to Garlic! Or how to transform a small wooden box!

Welcome! This project will be my entry for the Thrift Store Challenge, for March 2021! We thought we would start with a photo from the finished end of the project, and take you back to the beginning and the process! 

From Photographs to Garlic...

March 2021 Thrift Store Challenge, Photographs to Garlic!

At one time this little box was the centerpiece in someone's living room or den. Holding a collection of photographs that came from happy times. A tidy, safe spot where photos and memories were stored away safely, in protective plastic sleeves. 

March 2021 Thrift Store Challenge, Photographs to Garlic!

It might have held the photos from a wedding or possibly a High School graduation. Or of group vacations taken together through the years. It is not mine to know why it was emptied and dropped off at our local thrift store, but that is where we found it...

March 2021 Thrift Store Challenge, Photographs to Garlic!

It was a bit dinged up, a bit dirty and yet, it was exactly what I had hoped to find for my first Thrift Store Challenge! Because it represented what I love most about a DIY home, giving new life (and use!) to old pieces that are still full of integrity.

We did not want to have to buy anything extra for this project. Which meant that we used paint already on hand from previous upgrades or repairs. We even used free "clip-art" off the internet with a simple personalization completed with the black sharpie we keep handy to label and date food before it goes into the freezer!

These are the changes that we (and by "we" I mean the royal we where I have the ideas and my husband has the tools!) completed, to get the project finished and ready to use:
  • removed and tossed out, the plastic sleeves
  • glued the sleeve holders into the bottom of the box, for air circulation
  • drill holes on each side of the box, to help with air circulation
  • removed the glass from the top of the lid
  • paint the outside, two coats
  • printed a clip-art representing a head of garlic
  • add personal updates to the graphic
  • added the completed graphic
  • cleaned and replaced the glass into the top of the lid
Nothing too difficult, a simple and fun project to complete together. 

March 2021 Thrift Store Challenge, Photographs to Garlic!

The sleeve frames were glued to the inside bottom of the box, creating a built-in rack for the heads of garlic to sit on. There is some spacing between each piece allowing for air circulation so the garlic stays fresh and dry. 

March 2021 Thrift Store Challenge, Photographs to Garlic!

To provide additional air circulation, three holes were drilled on each side of the box.  

March 2021 Thrift Store Challenge, Photographs to Garlic!

Two coats of paint were applied to the outside (only) of the box, allowing time between coats for complete drying of the paint.   

March 2021 Thrift Store Challenge, Photographs to Garlic!

We found and printed a (free clip-art) graphic of a head of garlic, adding a personal touch around the two sides. This graphic was cut to size and set into place. The piece of glass was cleaned and returned to the frame.  

March 2021 Thrift Store Challenge, Photographs to Garlic!

The only thing left to do was to fill it with garlic!

And now we have our own Wooden Garlic Box for fresh garlic in our kitchen! 

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  1. Very cool -- you win the thrift-store challenge in my book!

  2. I love this! Especially the graphic! Great for garlic lovers!

  3. Oh my! What a transformation and a creative idea to use as a garlic bow! Welcome to our Thrift Store Challenge, Melynda!

    1. Thank you Gail, I am looking forward to using my creativity for more fun projects with Thrift Store Challenge.

  4. What a great repurpose. I love it when the royal 'we' gets a job done!

  5. I love your creative upcycle! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's - you are being featured on my blog Tuesday evening.

  6. Melynda,
    I love your thrift store challenge project. What an awesome idea. The graphic is perfect.

    1. Bev, thanks so much. It was fun, I am on the look-out for the next project...


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