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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

How to Dry Celery.

When organic celery goes on sale at our marketplace we stock up! I like some to eat fresh with peanut butter, a couple whole stalks to dice and freeze, and another couple to slice and dry. But why dried celery? Because in some recipes, it is better...

Take advantage of sale prices, then fill your food dryer!

Personally, I like to have both frozen diced celery and dried celery in my kitchen ready to go! Frozen celery is perfect to add to almost all cooked dishes, but I prefer to rehydrate dried celery for tuna or chicken salad for sandwiches. And it is perfect to stir into cottage cheese along with some dill and serve with sliced tomatoes. Or how about your own homemade version of Stovetop Stuffing...

Some come and take a look at how easy this process is!

Wash, dry. and trim the ends from the individual ribs of celery. Slice approximately 1/4 inch thick. 

Fill the drying trays with the sliced celery. Take care not to overcrowd the trays. The amount of celery on the cutting board filled three drying trays. 

Use the vegetable setting, and begin checking after 12 hours. Celery must be crunchy dry, for storage. Plus you will know it is dry because look how small it becomes...

Dried celery will be very small! After checking at the 12-hour mark continue to dry if needed. When the celery is completely dry, store in a jar with a tight-fitting lid, or a zip-top plastic storage bag. 

After loading the dryer trays I process the ends and pieces for the freezer. 

Trim the bottom edge of the end pieces and set them aside. Dice the larger pieces and simply add them to your bag of diced celery in the freezer. Or if you are new to freezing celery, fill a freezer bag with the diced celery label and store it in the freezer. 

And in our kitchen, the hens get the scraps! 



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  2. This has me regretting that I turned down an offer of a hand-me-down dehydrator a few years ago! May have to get one!

  3. I can not believe how tiny they get when they are dried! I assume you can use the same process with the celery leaves for celery flakes? I know one organic farmer was talking to my mom about doing something with the leaves to use them in cooking so she'd have less waste. Thanks for sharing with us.

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