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Monday, October 30, 2023

Gifts from the Kitchen, tasty baskets of holiday cheer!

Gift baskets are fun to make, and fortunately, there is no right or wrong way to make one! We have put together some suggestions for uniquely themed gift baskets, that will make great gifts! And if you don't find exactly what you are looking for, I hope we have offered you some creative ideas so you can make one using your own ideas! Right this way...

Gift baskets are easy to personalize for that special one or for a family gift that everyone will enjoy.

Gift baskets are always a fun and creative project, both in the giving and the receiving. With holidays being such a busy time, making any homemade gift is truly a showing of love...and makes receiving one proof of just how much you are cared about. These gift basket ideas are not necessarily holiday-themed and can be given with pride the year-round. But trust me, they sure do make the holidays fun.  

Who invented the first gift basket?

The term gift basket was most likely coined by a retailer as a marketing tool. Originally baskets of food as gifts were given in a woven hamper from as far back as the Victorian Era. And yes, baskets make great containers for homemade food gifts. But so do large colorful bowls, cardboard boxes wrapped up in festive paper and even a platter from the local dollar store. It really comes down to this, whatever holds the homemade gifts you wish to give, will be a part of your "gift basket". 

And there are really only a few simple rules to follow, such as:

Use any container that is food safe and will hold the food you are gifting. Throughout the year I keep an eye out for unique baskets, bowls, antique jars, and boxes for use during the holiday season and gift-giving in general. 

Make it look beautiful, by adding colorful tissue paper, or wrapping paper, ribbons, dried pinecones, candy canes, and bows. You can also wrap each item individually and place the wrapped items in the basket then cover the whole gift in rolled cellophane and attach a bow or dried flowers. 

And give your gift with pride, you know the ingredients used, the recipe, and how much you care about those receiving the gift. Nothing is more valuable than that!  

Let's get started, shall we!

Put Together a Basket of Homemade Mixes

Do you have a budding cook in your family or circle of friends? A Gift Basket of homemade mixes would make a thoughtful gift, especially if you also included a coupon for a cooking lesson or a few "lifeline" phone calls! Make a gift basket with the following suggestions: 

Ground Bay Leaves. Ground Bay Leaves are so handy to have on hand. And you never have to remember to "fish" out the leaf before serving!

Gingerbread and Ginger Snap Cookie Mix. For those times when Gingerbread or Ginger Snaps are calling your name! 

Our Favorite Dry Rub. This is so tasty, and don't think once grilling season is over that all the dry rubs are no longer used. This is delicious on any hunk of meat you might also cook in the slow cooker, in the oven, or even the pressure cooker. 

British Style Mixed Spice for Cakes and Baking. Now we all know that you will enjoy a bite of dessert after a nice roast or chicken dinner! So why not include a sweet spice mix in the basket...

Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix. Just about everyone loves Ranch Salad Dressing and this one is easy to make and already has the buttermilk in the mix! Great with tossed greens or as a dunk for crisp vegetables.

Put Together A Chocolate Lover's Basket

Chocolate lovers are everywhere, and there is no better time of the year to indulge them in their love of chocolate, than the holidays. So make a basket of chocolate treats they will enjoy, and appreciate, from morning coffee to dessert in the evening! Make a basket with several of the following suggestions:

Chocolate Sugar for Mochas and Cocoa. This handy sugar mix makes any coffee into a mocha and the milk of your choice into cocoa! 

Whole Wheat Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. The browned butter makes these especially delicious...

Easy to Make Toffee. The chocolate-covered toffee is one of the easiest and tastiest confections you will ever give in a gift basket!

Fruit and Nut Brownie Bread. A honey-sweetened fruit and walnut Brownie, in loaf form. Life does not get better than this loaf, slice after slice.

My Favorite Super Delicious No-Bake Cookies. These are a chocolate lover's dream! Plus no baking!

Put together a Romantic Basket for Two:

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of time. This basket is meant to see a couple through a quiet and relaxing "date night" together. And while this basket may seem sparse, it is not, especially when it includes a coupon for a little babysitting. Make a basket with the following suggestions:

Broken Olive Antipasto Relish, along with a hunk of aged cheese and a box of crispy crackers. 

Cranberry Liqueur. Along with a bottle of club soda or Champagne for mixing and sipping.

Chocolate Cheesecake. Offer slices of this rich and delicious cheesecake for two.  

Put together a No-Sugar-Added Platter of Delicious Treats

Slices of these no-sugar-added, naturally sweetened loaves of quick bread will surely brighten up the holidays for just about everyone! No sugar added does NOT mean boring! This group of delicious recipes will provide enough to make several platters to share with others. Make gift platters with the following suggestions:

Brandied Cherry and White Chocolate Quick Bread. Cherries and white chocolate pair together deliciously in this quick loaf. 

Carrot Raisin Banana Bread. This Carrot Raisin Banana Bread tastes like carrot cake! 

Fruit and Nut Brownie Bread. A fruit and nut brownie in a quick bread! This one is so good it is featured in two different gift basket lists!

Simple Nut Bread. Exactly as the name stated, but this bread is tender, moist, and delicious!

Whole Grain Banana Date Bread. A rich, moist banana bread sweetened with dates. 




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