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Friday, April 2, 2021

Easter Celebration Menu Suggestions!

Ham is the big seller this week at the marketplace! And my guess is deviled eggs will be offered at most gatherings as well. It is not just springtime, Easter and family gatherings are in the air! We have a delicious list of suggestions to go with that ham that you will put in the oven...

The star of the show, right after the Ham coming out of the oven!

Mary's Pineapple Raisin Sauce for Ham is a must!  Ham dinner isn't complete without this delicious sauce. Recreated with love. 

Side dishes to enjoy! They are all good, picking only a couple may prove quite the challenge. So you might as well make them all...leftovers will never taste better!

Laurie's Super Easy Corn Casserole. Perfect beside Ham, and everyone loves it!

Butter and Cinnamon Glazed Carrots. Carrots, butter, and brown sugar, not much more needs to be said!

Broccoli Sauce for Pasta. Laurie Colwin created a winner with this one, this is one broccoli dish everyone enjoys. 

Rustic 3 Vegetable Mash with Sauteed Green Onions. Creamy, delicious, and perfect with Ham!

Salad offerings. These crunchy suggestions are sure to please everyone. Salad is often an afterthought, for holiday meals, but they don't need to be, plus these salads will please everyone!

Crunchy Tangy Jicama Waldorf Salad. Skip the tossed green salad, and go for this crunchy Waldorf instead. 

Moroccan Carrot Salad. Come on, you can't have an Easter dinner without a grated carrot salad. This one is delicious, with a kiss of spice, but not much heat.

Kale Apple and Carrot Slaw. Everyone loves a tangy delicious coleslaw. This is the perfect way to introduce raw kale to those who only think they don't like it... 

For dessert. This trio of chocolate favorites will please every chocolate lover at your table. Pick one, or make them all and offer a self-serve dessert bar and sit back and relax. 

Fudgy Chocolate Pudding Cake, PS don't forget the whipped cream...

Chocolate Cheesecake. Make the day before, everyone will thank you!

Three Ingredient Nutella Brownies! Who doesn't love Nutella? Yep, in brownies!

May you be blessed with family around the table, delicious healthy food upon the table, and memories being created and enjoyed by all! 


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