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Simple Nut Bread, naturally sweetened, whole grain delicious!

We didn't always cook and bake with whole grains. No, not at all. I was raised on white flour baked goods, and when we ate rice, it too was white. I was not a big fan of whole grains as a kid or even as a younger adult. They tasted coarse to me, dry and unappealing. But you will find the recipes I offer here are far from dry, coarse, or dull. This Simple Nut Bread would be a perfect recipe to begin your own transition to whole grain cooking and baking. 

Our transition to whole grain baking has been educational as well as delicious. The first lesson I had to learn was about the different types of wheat and other whole grains. And from there, lessons have included how to grind grain and the different ways to grind. Such as bread flour, standard flour, or my favorite pastry grind flour. Most folks are aware of and enjoy Graham Crackers. But there is history behind the name. Dr. Graham believed in eating whole foods, especially whole grains. 

He invented a style of grinding flour that w…

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Three Ingredient Nutella Brownies!

Easy to make Three Ingredient Nutella Brownies will satisfy both kinds of Brownie people! Those that like the crisp/chewy edges and those that like the tender fudge-y center. 

This pan of Three Ingredient Nutella Brownies is the first recipe I will be offering that uses my favorite pantry mix, Whole Wheat Self-Rising Flour. I have many recipes to share with you, that will call for this homemade mix. I am a firm believer that delicious food does not have to be complicated nor does it need to take all day! 

This recipe is proof of that! These brownies are quick to stir together with only three ingredients. You will have dessert out of the oven and cooling before you have licked the jar clean!  While I don't generally use prepared mixes and products, Nutella gets a pass! These brownies are so good, I know your family will love them. And the baker of the house will love the ease of preparation. This recipe does call for the big jar...
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Ingredients needed for this recipe: 
You will also need:

Only 3 Ingredients! Three Ingredient Nutella Brownies.
Three Ingredient Nutella Brownies.

Three Ingredient Nutella Brownies
by the seat of my pants!
350-degree oven

1 33.5 oz jar Nutella 
4 eggs
1 c Whole Wheat Self-Rising Flour (find our whole grain recipe here)

Crack the eggs into a large bowl, scramble to mix well. 

Three Ingredient Nutella Brownies.

Add the Nutella and Self-Rising Flour mixing well. 

Spread in a prepared 11X15 pan, bake 30-35 minutes or until the Three Ingredient Nutella Brownies test done in your oven.

Baker's Info, the testing toothpick will show some chocolate at 30 minutes but the outer edges will be firm.

how to make Three Ingredient Nutella Brownies.

Let cool before cutting.

Tip: If no one in your family belongs in the chewy edges group, simply cut a  one-inch border around the pan and save those pieces for chocolate crumbs. Because I have a Chocolate Cheesecake you are going to love! 


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  1. I love how easy this recipe comes together! I am going to have to try this ASAP. Pinned.

    1. Thank you! They are good, everyone here is a fan of these brownies!

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    Miz Helen

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