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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Anne's Perfect Piebook.

From time to time, one must dust, discuss, and dispose of too many books and that was my job today. But I could not get rid of this one, especially when I opened the pages...which contained the promise of knowing a bit about the previous owner.

Anne's Perfect Piebook caught my eye when I spied it at a book giveaway a while back. Because, you know, pie! The giveaway was a Senior class project, that was fun for all. This young man has spent the whole year planning his Senior Project, and I must say it turned out wonderful. To complete his project he spent a year gathering books that no one wanted. He (had to) cart them home, store them, keep them from damage, then for the day of the project, move them again to the chosen location for the giveaway. 

I thought his spot for the giveaway was perfect! Held on the lawn of our local library. You see, they have a little gazebo among the shade trees, with shelves for donated books. These shelves often grow bare, but there are donated books for anyone who would like them. And I suspected that he planned to donate any leftovers to the shelves in the outdoor gazebo...where I might add, I have found a few treasures myself! 

And you can bet whenever there are free cookbooks, I will find a couple few for myself, especially a pie book like this one. Cookbooks are my weakness, and my frugal side especially enjoys used or free books. I scan them for ideas and then offer them to others to enjoy. Which had been my goal on this day. My dust, discuss and donate day...

But when I came across Anne's Perfect Piebook and placed it into the giveaway box, I immediately retrieved it. Why? Because I felt something about the book I had not noticed before. When I picked up the book I felt a softness in the center. I had no choice now, I had to open it and see what was stored there. When I did there was a small pile of perfectly dried leaves. Now I have to be honest with you, anyone who treats their cookbooks like a friend is my friend! And who would trust these leaves to anyone but a friend? 

I have no idea if these leaves came from the owner's yard. Or possibly found on a walk with someone dear to them. Then again maybe a gift from a grandchild. Or found when walking alone during a troubling time when thinking of what to do was a priority. But I knew one thing, this book needed to stay with me, at least until the next time I must dust, discuss and dispose of a few books...because we were definitely friends at this point. And when you have a friend, you take care of them.

Books have always played a big part in my life. I have probably lifted a few tons in weight moving books of all kinds during my 31 plus moves! I moved children's books when the kids were little. I have moved "how-to" books as a first-time homeowner. And I have moved ton after ton of cookbooks through the years having once owned more than 3,000 of them! But as time goes by, I have narrowed down my stash of books and take only those that touch my heart or are now friends

Thank you for taking a moment to read this passage. This post is offered as part of the April 2022 Ultimate Blogging Challenge. Today my self decided challenge was to simply sit and write, about something simple that had touched my soul. 

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