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Friday, December 17, 2021

Host a Dessert and Coffee Open House, a lovely way to say Happy Holidays!

Finding time to entertain is often the hardest part of the holidays. But maybe it could be easier than that. Maybe you could offer your friends the opportunity to come over, relax, enjoy a bit of dessert and conversation without wearing you and everyone else out....take a look here!

The secret? Make-ahead desserts. Plus they all take basic ingredients found in most pantries, including yours. If you are worried that they might not be fancy enough for guests? Stop worrying! The desserts will be just fine because you made them. 

One of the great secrets of catering is that the food doesn't taste wonderful because it is out of the ordinary, no the reason it tastes wonderful is that someone cooked it for you. Nothing says you care like a food offering. So nothing will say Happy Holidays like a Dessert and Coffee Open House!

Let's get started, shall we?

On the day before, start with the recipes that actually improve with 24-hours aging. Cheesecakes will cut easier, after 24 hours as well as a loaf of quick bread. And anything with spice is better the next day so the flavor can marry together in the finished product. Making these three suggestions perfect, for the day before...

The Perfect Cheesecake is just that! You can bake at 350 degrees for a standard cheesecake texture or at 200 degrees overnight (yes, don't be alarmed, it turns out so delicious) for a creamy, silky cheesecake that is sure to please your guests.

This Brown Sugar Sour Cream Banana Bread turns out cake soft and the caramel under-tones are delicious! Bake, cool slightly, turn out to cool completely, then wrap and let it rest until the next day before slicing. This banana bread is so good, it needs no glaze or topping of any kind...

Snickerdoodles are a holiday favorite. But this pan of Sugar and Spice Snickerdoodle Bars stirs up quickly and bakes unattended while you tend to other chores. Once removed from the oven, let them cool completely, and cut into bars. Cover the pan and let them rest for 24-hours. Then all you have to do the day of your open house is place them on a platter. 

And then on the day of your open house, the following two desserts will leave you plenty of time to not just get the house ready for company, but not be so much work (or make so much kitchen mess) that you will not be able to enjoy your own gathering. 

Easy to Make Toffee is just that easy! It is the first candy recipe that I ever tried, and it doesn't even need a candy thermometer. I would like to recommend two batches and that way those who fall in love with this candy treat can also take a piece home. Make it first thing in the morning, then break it into pieces to place on a serving tray. 

This warm and fragrant Slow Cooker Apple Crisps will be just right to round out your selection of desserts! Offer a bowl of chipped cream if desired, but it is quite lovely on its own. Once the apples and topping go into the slow cooker you are free to get everything else done and ready for when your guests begin stopping by. 

I like having options for those who do not have a sweet tooth, something easy just like the desserts you will be making. With that said, I usually offer a cheese plate with three or four different kinds of sliced cheese and a basket of crackers.  Fortunately the cheese and crackers do not take much time to arrange, along with a small bowl of mixed nuts. 

The only thing left is to set up the coffee and then you are ready to enjoy your own open house! Have a great time, and enjoy!



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  2. So many delicious goodies thanks for sharing plan on trying some soon
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  3. Great ideas here, Melynda! I think when I resume entertaining, I'm going to be doing more of this "without wearing you out" sort of thing! #FullPlateThursday

    1. Thank you Jean, I know some are not back to having visitors, but I still wanted to offer a solution for entertaining. There is nothing better than time with friends. Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

  4. Melynda, I'm so sorry I addressed you by the wrong name in the post I left for you. My apologies. This was my first visit here and I mistakenly took the name from another commenter's post.

    1. The name error is never a problem, I have been called many things through the years! I will confess right now, I did not publish your first comment as I felt the spirit of the information in this post was lost. And while we all have the same privilege in holding and sharing our opinions, I also felt that the other commenter directly express my intent for posting suggestions on how to host an open house without too much stress. For those that choose. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful and Happy New Year. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it very much.

  5. Great idea for a gathering. Featuring when my link party opens. Happy New Year!

  6. Oh, my, goodness - this is my kind of party :) I would want a taste of each dessert. Thanks for sharing, and I'm looking forward to another year of delish foodie inspiration when the FWF party starts up again this Friday, January 7th.
    Hope to see you there!
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, and thanks for hosting! I will be there to share.


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