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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

How to Make Your Own Bread Crumbs and Creative Ideas for Use.

Got bread crumbs? You probably do! Not only do they happen naturally, in the bottom of the bread bag, but they are a great use for that last slice or heel of bread. Now is the time to use that bread (or even sandwich rolls!) to make a batch of bread crumbs. Let me show you everything you need to know!

Don't buy store bought, because you can make better!

Bread crumbs are more important than one might think! If they weren't important you would never find them on the shelves of your local food store, right there, ready to buy. And while there is nothing wrong with purchasing dried bread crumbs, why would you? Because they are so easy to make at home, using ingredients that you have already paid for. 

Personally, I am a big fan of homemade bread, bread crumbs because we bake our own bread around these parts. And I make it my personal mission in life to not waste food. Since I know what is in my homemade bread, I automatically know what is in the bread crumbs I make. Plus they are really simple to make, simply grind up some bread, a food processor works best for this, and let them dry.

This tip will help speed up the process...

Sometimes when I have a lot of bread to make into crumbs, I will use the oven for a little added help in the drying process. Be sure to not overload your pan, you want the crumbs in a thin layer, for even drying. Use more pans as needed, rather than overloading one pan. 

I have found it is also convenient to keep fresh bread crumbs in the freezer for things like meatloaf or mixing with melted butter and Parmesan cheese to top a casserole. I actually prefer fresh bread crumbs for meatloaf, because meatloaf is always moist and flavorful when made with soft bread crumbs. 

You will use bread crumbs in so many different recipes, we certainly do!

I even put a few in my tuna salad for sandwiches! Why you might ask? We prefer water-packed tuna, and no matter how well I drain the water off, my tuna salad would be watery the next day. I discovered that a couple of tablespoons of fresh bread crumbs fixes it. Or a tablespoon of dry bread crumbs. The crumbs soak up the little bit of tuna water left behind and help keep the tuna salad from separating and becoming watery


Dried Bread Crumbs
by the seat of my pants!
UPDATED: 02.27.2024

day-old (stale) bread, including heels, sandwich rolls, etc.

Place bread pieces into the food processor bowl. 

Process until fine crumbs form, stopping as needed to carefully move the larger crumbs down to the blade area. 

Dump out onto a large flat pan, a jelly-roll pan works great for this. 

Make sure the crumbs are not too deep, use more than one pan if needed. 

Preheat oven to low or 200 degrees. Place pan(s) into the oven, immediately turn off the oven. 

Let dry in the warm oven environment. 

When the oven has cooled, check the bread crumbs. If not completely dry, you will want to continue the drying process. 

Stir the crumbs to bring outside crumbs to the center, exposing moister crumbs.

Repeat reheating the oven and place the pan of bread crumbs back in to dry completely.  

In the summertime drying bread crumbs takes place on the counter. A loaf of bread dries out so quick in warm weather and bread crumbs even faster...

When dry, store in a covered container on the pantry shelf.

Note: whole grain bread will "crumb" up a bit coarser than standard white bread. Here is an easy trick to solve that! Once the bread crumbs are dry, buzz the crumbs until they are the size you prefer. 

This leads us to Fine Bread Crumbs. Often when completing a double coating on food, meat, chicken, or fish, in particular, fine bread crumbs will make a smoother finished look and more enjoyable "bite appeal" on the baked item. They are easy to make...

Fine (dried) Bread Crumbs

Fill the work bowl or container of your favorite food processor machine with dry bread crumbs. 

Process using the high-speed option until the dried bread crumbs have been reduced in size to ground cornmeal. 

The volume in the food processor bowl will have reduced by about 50%. 

Store in a sealed container or freezer bag. 

Fresh Bread Crumbs

Place bread pieces into the food processor bowl.
Process until fine crumbs form, stopping to carefully move the larger crumbs down to the blade area, until they are the size you prefer. 

Continue to process until the crumb size is what you want. 

Store in a lidded container or freezer bag, right in the freezer. 

You can also make your own Italian Style Bread Crumbs, you will find countless recipes when you scroll the internet, they aren't difficult to make at all! If you are wanting to make your own store-bought version, most likely you will want them fairly plain. As I recall from many years ago, the national brand canister of Italian Bread Crumbs was pretty mild. We like this mix of flavors. But feel free to customize for your own taste preferences. 

Italian Style Bread Crumbs
by the seat of my pants!

1 c dried bread crumbs
1 T dried parsley
1/8 t granulated garlic
1/2 t dried basil
1/4 t salt

Place all ingredients in the food processor bowl, buzz to combine. 

If finer crumbs are desired, pulse until they reach the size you prefer. 

Store in a covered container on the pantry shelf. 

Now, how about a few ideas for your homemade bread crumbs? The following recipes are some our favorites! I hope you give them a try. And yes, they all call for breadcrumbs!

Bread Crumb Muffins! Don't let the humble appearance keep you from making these delicious muffins. They are perfect with soup or with eggs at breakfast. 

For the zucchini growers out there! Shaved Zucchini with Feta and Parmesan Cheese. 

And yes, this
Chocolate Cheesecake has bread crumbs and cocoa in the crust...

Dusty Potatoes will be a new family favorite!

Stovetop Braised Meatloaf. Perfect for warmer weather or anytime you want something delicious!

Gratin of White Beans with Cream and Fresh Tomatoes, a delicious recipe using your own homemade bread crumbs!

Gratin of White Beans with Cream and Fresh Tomatoes. One of the most delicious bean dishes you will ever eat!

Baked Orange Chicken, a Panda Express Copycat recipe. Our family loved this! I hope you give it a try, from there you will want to make it often. 

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  11. Lately due to my health I use more almond or coconut flakes. But when I have a bit of sourdough left over, I can make my on breadcrumbs. Great on a salad. ~ Julie Syl

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