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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Cherry Raisin Welsh Tea Cake, with a walnut crown

Cherry Raisin Welsh Tea Cake is a simple riff on the traditional Welsh Tea Cake that I have grown to love. Made with dried cherries and raisins, the flavors all come together to play off each other as well as the delicious mix of spices! This Cherry Raisin Welsh Tea Cake also has a toasty walnut crown to add a bit of crunch! Serve at room temperature with a thin spread of creamy butter...

Welsh Tea Cakes are one of my favorite treats to bake and keep around. They have no added fat with the exception of the single egg yolk and in the case of this delicious loaf, a few walnuts. They have only a very small amount of added sugar, and yet they taste delicious! 

Welsh Tea Cakes are also easy to make, soak some fruit, stir in some spice and the Whole Wheat Self-Rising Flour and pour it in the pan! After about an hour you will have a delicious, Cherry Raisin Welsh Tea Cake to enjoy! If you are a walnut fan, feel free to add additional chopped walnuts to the cake batter, but be sure to put some on the top as well, the toasted nut flavor is so tasty.

Cherry Raisin Welsh Tea Cake with a toasty walnut crown!

Ingredients needed for this recipe:

You will also need the following:
  • medium-sized mixing bowl
  • loaf pan
  • silicone spatula for mixing
  • liquid measuring cup
  • measuring cups
  • measuring spoons
  • food scale
Now we are ready to begin!

Easy to make, delicious to eat! Cherry Raisin Welsh Tea Cake.

Cherry Raisin Welsh Tea Cake
by the seat of my pants!
325-degree oven

The day before:
2 c boiling water
4 black tea bags
8 oz raisins
8 oz dried cherries

Place the tea bags in a medium-sized mixing bowl, pour the 2 cups of boiling water over the bags, let steep until just warm. Remove tea bags letting the tea drip back into the mixing bowl, but do not squeeze the bags. 

Stir in the dried fruit, settle the fruit down into the tea and place a large dinner plate on top of the bowl, to cover. Let sit overnight.

Let sit overnight.

Cherry Raisin Welsh Tea Cake, low in refined sugar.

On baking day:
1  egg
1/4 c brown sugar, our recipe can be found here
2 T marmalade of choice, we used this Apricot Butter, but this 
Fresh Tangerine Marmalade would also be delicious!
1 t Mixed Spice for Cake, our recipe can be found here.

8 oz Whole Wheat Self-Rising Flour, our recipe can be found here.
1 c chopped walnuts, plus more for on top of the cake batter.

Remove the plate, stir the fruit and tea mixture. Add the egg, brown sugar, marmalade, and the spice mixture, mix well. 

Stir in the self-rising flour, making sure no dry pockets of flour remain. Add the chopped walnuts if you would like more in the cake as well as on top. 

Scoop batter into a prepared standard loaf pan. Bake 55 to 75 minutes or until done in your oven. 

Let rest on the counter 10 minutes before turning out to cool completely. Wait until completely cooled before slicing. 

For long-term storage, I like to use a freezer bag and simply store it in the refrigerator. Slice and enjoy as desired!

Cherry Raisin Welsh Tea Bread, excellent long term keeper for snacks on demand!

Serve sliced thinly spread with butter if desired.

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