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Monday, July 18, 2022

Glorious Granola! Eight delicious recipes to make for breakfast.

Scratch Made Food! & DIY Homemade Kitchen is happy to share this list of our favorite granola recipes, all in one spot! Glorious Granola! Eight delicious recipes to make for breakfast. Come and take a look, you just might find a new favorite to enjoy...

Coconut Maple Granola, This is one of the purest tasting granolas I have ever made. And quite delicious!

Honey and Almond Granola.  This is the one that started my granola-making! It is delicious, easy to make, and has a short baking time. The perfect recipe if you will, this beginning recipe was the blueprint for the ones that follow.

Nuts and Honey Granola.  Calling for a variety of nuts, this one is crunchy and for the nut lovers out there!

Let's Go Coconuts! Granola. Flavored and sweetened with coconut. This is a rich caramel-y delicious treat. 

Honey Walnut and Hemp Heart Granola with Dried Blueberries. The only granola recipe with dried fruit! But do as I do, simply stir the dried blueberries in at the end, to keep them from becoming a tiny rock in your bowl!

Cashew Butter Granola. With lots of cashews both in the granola and when you make your own cashew butter and stir it all together. 

Maple Pecan Granola. One of my favorite flavors, baked into crunchy granola loaded with pecans!

Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Granola. The only granola on this list with refined sugar. This granola was from my childhood love of Pop Tarts!

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  1. i have a nut allergy but love granola, i pinned it so i can make the brown sugar and cinnamon granola. stopping by from a little bit of everything party!

    1. That one is a fun one! My childhood memory of a "new" product at the store, PopTarts! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

  2. I make my own Granola with nuts and oats at home, It doesn't always look this nice, but it tastes amazing. Julie Syl

    1. Hi Julie, I love that you make your own granola, it is so healthy for breakfast. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

  3. I love homemade granola! The nut one and the coconut one sound especially yummy to me. Pinning! Visiting from Senior Salon Pit Stop link party.


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