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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tomato Serendipity!

You can never go wrong with a few ready-made condiments in your pantry. Like a jar of this feisty cheesy tomato-y goodness, I call Tomato Serendipity. 

What you might be asking what exactly is Tomato Serendipity Well for starters it is delicious, but wait there is more. As it turns out this two-ingredient recipe is also incredibly easy to make.  

Easy to make, Tomato Serendipity!

I must confess, we are a condiment family. We love them! It would be safe to say that one shelf in our fridge is devoted to the storing of condiments. So it is a really good thing this new one is stored at room temperature! 

Tomato Serendipity can be enjoyed sprinkled everywhere the taste of cheese and/or tomato is appreciated. Like...

Sprinkled over a bowl of steaming soup.  Added to a knob of butter, then spread on thick slices of bread and put under the broiler to melt and turn golden brown. Tossed with hot pasta and olive oil. Sprinkled on beans, green beans, zucchini, even boiled potatoes. I think you are going to want to give this a try... 

Ingredients needed for this recipe:
  • dried tomatoes, Julienne cut 
  • Parmesan Cheese
You will also need the following:
  • food processor
  • narrow-mouth pint storage jar 
  • leftover lid from the Parmesan cheese container
Now we are ready to begin!

Tomato Serendipity!
Tomato Serendipity! 

Tomato Serendipity
by the seat of my pants!

1 c lightly packed dried tomato pieces* (Hint: do not use oil-packed tomatoes for this recipe)
3/4 c dried Parmesan cheese or a Parmesan/Romano blend (yes the kind in the green can.....)

Simply buzz in your food processor until the tomato pieces are approximately the same size as the grated cheese.

Tomato Serendipity! A delicious homemade tomato and cheese condiment.

For guests put in a serving dish, add a sprinkling spoon! 

Tomato Serendipity!

For all other times, and there will be many, use a shaker jar! 
Ironically that is the lid from the last cheese container...recipe makes about 2 cups of Tomato Serendipity



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  1. When I was canning I dried my tomato skins and then ground them into powder to sprinkle into soups, sauces and whatever. - Margy

    1. That would be a great use for them! I think you could use them for Tomato Serendipity also!

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  3. I really like this idea - pinned!! Thanks for sharing at the What's for Dinner party. Hope your week is wonderful!

    1. Thank you Helen, homemade condiments are a favorite around here!


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